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Alvin Wood

CSL  Leadership  Coach

Alvin Leron Wood, a distinguished educator, retired in 2017 from the Detroit Public Schools Community District. For 37 years he was a tireless champion for the students and an administrator who was committed to supporting staff in the development and implementation of instructional initiatives, strategies, and programs that resulted in improved student and teacher performance.

Prior to retirement, Alvin Wood established a rich history of educational experiences. In addition to serving as the Senior Executive Director of School Support for Detroit Schools, he served as Deputy Network Leader of Operations, and Assistant Superintendent of Schools at the Central Office level.

Alvin Wood also successfully served the Detroit Public Schools in the following positions: Principal - at Columbus Middle School and Sampson Webber Elementary Middle School, Assistant Principal at Denby Technical & Preparatory High School, Dean of Students at Southwestern High School, Cooperative Office Education Coordinator at Kettering High School, and finally served as a successful Business Education Teacher at Kettering High School and Von Stuben Middle School.

After retiring from the Detroit Public Schools Community District, Alvin has continued to support numerous principals within the district whose basic goal is to improve student achievement and raise standardized test scores. He also serves as a charter member of the Detroit Retired Principal’s Network. This is an organization of retired Detroit school administrators whose mission is to provide academic scholarships to students in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

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