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Andrea Brown

Administrative Assistant

Andrea Brown is an Administrative Assistant for the Center for Strategic Leadership and Organizational Coherence, which is a position that serves the SEED executive team in a collaborative structure to produce effective candidates ready to contribute to underserved school districts. 


Prior to serving the constituents of CSL, Andrea worked 14 years as an instructional educator impacting the lives of children of all ages by mentoring through understanding the needs and goals of each individual student. Andrea also served as a Logistics Executive in a brokerage firm, creating and maintaining relationships with partner companies. Lastly, she served as CEO of a nonprofit HYPE (Helping the Youth Find Purpose while Educating), which was geared towards serving underserved teens transitioning to adulthood.


Andrea’s combined experiences have equipped as an effective communicator, an executive planner of events, and a data analyst. As a team member, she is goal-oriented, energetic, innovative, and an overall asset to the organization.

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