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Dr. Sharron Jenkins Norman

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Dr. Sharron Jenkins-Norman is a trailblazer in the field of education. Her expertise has made her a national thought leader and change agent in education. Dr. Norman has been recognized for her use of research-based school improvement strategies which have accelerated and significantly raised student achievement for students in historically underserved communities. Dr. Norman has been appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Center for Strategic Leadership and Organizational Coherence.

Norman is the former superintendent of the Buena Vista School District. There, she led a reform effort that in four years dramatically improved student achievement (all schools exceeding state academic targets); raised graduation rates (from 57% to 74%); improved attendance (from 77% to 94.4%); reduced the drop rate (from 19.59% to 5.89%) and created countless new programs and partnerships. These partnerships provided wraparound support to ensure that all students had access to opportunities for post-secondary success.

Prior to her role as superintendent in the Buena Vista School District, Norman co-founded The Genesee STEM Academy (GSA) and served as an Interim Superintendent of the Shabazz Academy. Part of her mission was to provide access to rigorous educational programming in
coding, science, technology, engineering and math for students in historically underserved communities. Before co-founding GSA, Norman served in numerous roles that both accelerated and significantly improved student achievement. In the Lansing School District,
Norman held three positions: 1) Director of Instructional Services; 2) School Improvement Director; and 3) Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Professional Development. In each of these key roles, Norman created tools that triangulated data; created critical feedback loops to improve teacher efficacy; and align curriculum, instruction and assessment. The tools she developed in that work, now inform the creation of protocols and strategies that she uses nationally with high priority schools to accelerate continuous improvement in schools.

Norman received her Doctor of Education degree in Educational Administration from the University of Akron. Norman has two Master of Science degrees from Indiana University, one in Educational Administration and the second in Elementary Education. Norman received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Stillman College. Norman serves on numerous Advisory Boards including the Michigan Department of Education Ad Hoc Assessment Committee; the Saginaw Valley State University Diversity Advisory Council,; the
Michigan State University Gifted and Talented Education Board; and serves on the Board of the Girl Scouts of America and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Norman has been the recipient of numerous awards including Educator of the Year, the William Root Fellowship, and the Indiana Black Torch Bearer Award. Dr. Norman has a vision that includes ensuring that every child in this country, without regard to race, socio-economic status or zip code, has access to a rigorous education. She is committed to using her skills to ensure that it manifests.

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