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Dr. Elaine Roberts

CSL Leadership Coach

Dr. Elaine J. Roberts is a former systems analyst and university professor of writing, literature, business communication, math, and computer science. As a systems analyst/software engineer, Dr. Roberts worked on a wide range of projects in different business areas including newspaper systems, satellite communications, and internal security.

As a university professor, Dr. Roberts got involved early in the adult and continuing education movement. Working with colleagues, she helped develop one of the first portfolio-based adult degree completion programs, focusing on those students who did not yet have enough college credits to matriculate into the degree completion program. Dr. Roberts also designed a comprehensive Management Information Systems curriculum for on-site and online learning. As Director of Faculty Development, she was known as an early adopter and innovator in student-centered learning.

Dr. Roberts has worked with practicing and pre-service teachers and administrators for over 20 years, focusing on classroom management, assessment strategies, differentiated and personalized instructional strategies, technology integration, and literacy strategies. She has worked closely with administrators to help create and refine programs geared toward helping classroom teachers improve their instructional planning and practice. She has been privileged to work with educators in small and large districts and schools, encouraging and mentoring teachers to step out of their instructional and assessment comfort zones, helping them identify ways to implement various forms of digital and technological resources, including coding and robots, and making small but significant adjustments in the ways they invite students to learn.

As a coach, Dr. Roberts is well aware of the value of listening and often listens between words and ideas to hear what the individual might be trying to articulate but has not yet expressed. In partnering with teachers and administrators. Dr. Roberts recognizes the value of providing both feedforward and feedback as teachers and administrators investigate and explore their problems of practice. Her perspective is that as a coach, her role is to guide individuals, often through discovery and ‘What if?’ questions, to offer suggestions and possibilities, and to try to encourage opportunities for those “Aha!” moments.

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