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Patricia Yancy

Executive Administrative Assistant

Patricia Yancy is the Executive Administrative Assistant to the S.E.E.D. Program Director at The Center for Strategic Leadership and Organizational Coherence. For the last twenty-five years, she has served in various roles as a research-based, data-driven, student-centered teacher leader. Being an encouraging influencer is one of her greatest passions.

Yancy served as a Literacy Laureate, Master Teacher, and Learning Coach with Memphis Shelby County Schools. With a firm understanding of the importance of focusing on intentional planning based on relevant data, she provided effective, research-based professional development for elementary and middle school educators. As a member of the instructional leadership team, she mentored and supported educators with transformative learning experiences, meaningful feedback, and substantial resources.

Additionally, Yancy maintained a collaborative partnership with the University of Memphis to prepare culturally competent, equity-minded teacher residency candidates so that they have a positive impact on student performance. Through this partnership, she was able to contribute to improving outcomes for students, schools, and communities.

With extensive organization skills and attention to detail, Yancy provided engaging instruction, data-supported intervention, and expansive enrichment for K-2 students in Memphis Shelby County Schools with a personal touch and professional expertise. With a focus on enhancing the educational experience for all students, she equipped and empowered both students and their families through community outreach, skill training, and facilitation of appropriate resources.

Yancy is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She and her husband thrive on exercising, exploring new places, and listening to various genres of music. They also enjoy spending time with their family, especially their children, Latrease, Marsha, and Poyee’, and their three grandsons. 

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