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Todd Henderson

Board Member

Todd Henderson has served in multiple roles throughout his career as a teacher, counselor, guidance director, assistant principal, and Principal of Southfield-Lathrup Senior High School, and worked as Principal Leadership Coach for High Priority Schools for Wayne Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA), and RESA Executive Director of High Priority Schools for over 35 schools. Over the past several years, he has provided support, technical expertise, and resources, in areas such as stress management, conflict resolution, suicide, and natural disaster relief for hundreds of situations throughout the United States. Since 2019 he has served as the Detroit Metropolitan Airport Delta Airlines Mental Health Counselor/Coach for Delta employees.


Henderson provided the overall leadership for the restructuring of high school education for Southfield Public Schools. He led a design team of 32 members, comprising a cross-section of representatives of the school community to develop the comprehensive and transformative action plan “Southfield Public Schools Creating the Future.”  The report focused on evidence-based decision making as the basis for restructuring teaching and learning in all areas of the school environment.


Henderson led staff to significantly increase their commitment and capacity to develop and implement a school-wide focus that provided a learning environment characterized by high standards reflecting intellectual quality and rigor. The overall focus of the school culture consistently moved from a focus of what was being taught to what students were learning. This effort helped create results-driven outcomes by using student products and student scores on internal and external assessments to make appropriate changes in instruction, curriculum, and assessments.

Along with a talented and committed team, Henderson facilitated the design and implementation of 11th and 12th grade Small Schools Career Academies - Arts & Communications and Medical & Natural Sciences. Together with a highly skilled and knowledgeable team, he created and implemented Small Schools Learning Communities and teams to genuinely personalize the environment for all 9th-grade students. The Michigan Education Association honored the 11th and 12th grade Arts and Communication Academy and the 9th grade Small Schools Learning Communities at its annual "Showcasing Public School Success" celebration.


Henderson has received a variety of awards throughout his career to include the Wayne State University College of Education Alumni Association Educational Leadership Award; Outstanding Administrator for the state of Michigan, Michigan Music Educators Association; Outstanding Administrator, Southfield Public Schools Partnerships for Education Council; Parent Teacher Organization Distinguished Service Awards; and Oakland County Schools Counselor of the Year.


Henderson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Wayne State University, a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling from Eastern Michigan University, and Educational Specialist Degree in Leadership from Michigan State University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor by the state of Michigan. He and his wife are parents of 3 adult children and grandparents of 12 grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren hiking in the National Parks, biking, reading, teaching, and water skiing.

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