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Dr. Yuri Yancy

CSL Improvement Specialist

Dr. Yuri Yancy is an Improvement Specialist at The Center for Strategic Leadership and Organizational Coherence. Prior to becoming part of the CSL team, Dr. Yancy served as Assistant Principal of Cordova Middle Optional School, which is a part of the Shelby County Schools district, the largest school district in the state of Tennessee.

For more than 6 years, Dr. Yancy has provided productive strategies to teachers that enabled them to move students toward proficiency in core content subjects. He also helped build capacity among teachers and teacher leaders through observations and focused feedback that assisted them in developing an accurate understanding of the adopted standards and instructional practices. He provided instructional best practices strategies that included a system of aggressive monitoring for rigor and curriculum alignment.  

Dr. Yancy’s knowledge and experience were vital in several departments that focused on strengthening the educational environment. He fostered a safe and respectful learning environment by helping set expectations that were mission and vision-aligned. Dr. Yancy’s clear and concise means of communication enabled all educators to understand their individual responsibility for improving the culture and overall success of the educational setting.  

Dr. Yancy worked closely with other school leaders in preparing and presenting assessment data results. He provided support for implementing strategies for improving achievement using formative and summative assessment data. Through collaboration with the school leadership team, he provided vision in determining the optimal placement of educators within the school.  

Dr. Yancy is focused, well-organized, and pays attention to details. He can manage the minutia while still staying focused on the larger outcome. His main goal is to provide productive feedback that will enable educators to become the best educators for all students and stakeholders. Through his work ethic, he displays the highest professional integrity and expects the same from others.

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